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EATRITE Nutrition Podcast

With over 35 years of combined experience and advanced degrees as personal trainers, coaches, and nutrition professionals, we've read the science and practiced nutrition on thousands of clients.

Eatrite Nutrition is built on the foundation of REAL SCIENCE, REAL FACTS, and REAL FOOD. Each week we are dedicated to bringing you just that.

Join us, as we partner with experts in the health, wellness, and nutrition field to deliver you an excellent variety of content based on REAL SCIENCE, REAL FACTS, and REAL FOOD.

  • Eatrite Nutrition Podcast


Nutrition Coaching Real Food


Eatrite Signature Coaching

Our One-On-One online coaching offers a personalized journey toward science-based wellness, combining tailor-made macro guides, expert-designed workouts, progress tracking, and daily guidance from your coach. Ideal for individuals seeking a comprehensive and individualized approach to achieve their health and fitness goals, regardless of their current fitness level.


90-day Transformation Blueprint

Experience the freedom of fitness on your terms with Virtual Programming – a self-guided workout plan that progresses every month to ensure you are making strides on your journey. Perfect for those who desire flexibility in their fitness routine and are comfortable taking charge of their own workouts, whether beginners or experienced fitness enthusiasts


Nutrition Education

Video Library (Coming Soon):Our upcoming Virtual Nutrition Education Program is designed to equip individuals with practical and evidence-based nutritional knowledge via our educational library. Ideal for anyone eager to unravel the mysteries of food, from reading labels to understanding nutrients. Our nutrition education video library will help you make informed choices for a healthier lifestyle. 

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