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Meet the team

Eatrite Nutrition is comprised of a team of coaches dedicated to helping you along your nutrition journey. Whether you’re trying to establish some basic habits and strategies, or you’d like to finally achieve the physique of your dreams; we’re the team for you. This journey is about more than what you’re putting in your mouth. It’s about YOUR lifestyle, YOUR health, and YOUR mindset. Everything we coach is backed by science using the latest and most up to date research to create a customized program with YOU in mind.

Our focus goes beyond calories and macronutrients. We are dedicated to helping you shape and transform your life by equipping you with the tools and habits to help you achieve and maintain a healthy metabolism, mindset, and life.

Eatrite Nutrition Coaching, with Doron

Doron Vaday

Owner/CEO of Eatrite Nutrition

With a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from LIU Post and currently immersed in a Dietetic Internship while pursuing a Master's in Clinical Nutrition at Brooklyn College (expected 2024), I've dedicated my life to understanding the intricate balance between nutrition, performance, and longevity. My journey began on stage, where I transformed from a 125-pound teenager to a 240-pound competitive bodybuilder. This immersive experience ignited my curiosity about the profound impact of nutrition on the body and overall well-being. As a certified personal trainer for over 15 years in prominent gym settings, I've not only honed my expertise but also witnessed the real-world effects of nutrition and exercise on countless lives.

In 2020, I embarked on a new avenue through my podcast, delving into discussions about health, nutrition, and the pursuit of longevity. My passion for enhancing both immediate and future performance drives me to explore the realms of human potential and chronic disease prevention. As a coach, I believe in forging genuine connections with my clients. By delving into their lifestyles, challenges, and aspirations, I gain insights that enable me to guide them toward sustainable solutions. Empowering clients to become self-sufficient in their health journeys is my ultimate goal. My approach, centered on understanding and personalization, creates an environment of transparency, where both clients and I work hand-in-hand toward their transformation.

Eatrite Nutrition Coaching, Real Food

Nicole Blasi

Nutrition & Fitness Coach

I am Nicole Blasi, my close family and friends call me Nikki. I have been in the fitness industry for over 25 years as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach.  I grew up in the dance world as a professional dancer, and like many dancers, injuries took a toll on my career which led me into the strength and conditioning field.  Here, I learned how to nourish my body in a healthy way and build the physique I had dreamed of for many years…strong, healthy, and badass.

I know how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own body and I know how to lift you up and motivate you to work hard to build the body of your dreams.  
BossBlasi Fitness stands for Badass, Optimistic, Self Confident, and Strong, that’s who I am pushing you to become, the best version of yourself.

My passion in life is teaching and empowering everyone I encounter to live their best life.

Our coaching will:

  • Use biofeedback to help us determine the best strategy for you

  • Help you optimize your metabolism to work for you, not against you

  • Allow you to go at your own pace

  • Use a habit-based strategy to ensure long-term success

  • Focus on creating a healthy relationship with food

  • Always use REAL SCIENCE, REAL FACTS, and REAL FOOD to tailor a program with YOU in mind


Nutrition Coaching, real Food, Real Fact, Real Science


Eatrite Signature Coaching

Our One-On-One online coaching offers a personalized journey toward science-based wellness, combining tailor-made macro guides, expert-designed workouts, progress tracking, and daily guidance from your coach. Ideal for individuals seeking a comprehensive and individualized approach to achieve their health and fitness goals, regardless of their current fitness level.


90-day Transformation Blueprint

Experience the freedom of fitness on your terms with Virtual Programming – a self-guided workout plan that progresses every month to ensure you are making strides on your journey. Perfect for those who desire flexibility in their fitness routine and are comfortable taking charge of their own workouts, whether beginners or experienced fitness enthusiasts


Nutrition Education

Video Library (Coming Soon):Our upcoming Virtual Nutrition Education Program is designed to equip individuals with practical and evidence-based nutritional knowledge via our educational library. Ideal for anyone eager to unravel the mysteries of food, from reading labels to understanding nutrients. Our nutrition education video library will help you make informed choices for a healthier lifestyle. 

our mission

We empower struggling dieters with evidence-based, science-driven solutions. We are Science-Based Nutrition Specialists committed to helping you enjoy food while achieving and sustaining weight loss, all within the parameters you set for yourself.

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